Find Resale, Exchange price, Vegetables, fruits, grocery items rates, Gold rates, property EMI, stampy duty vale, guideline value, Circle rate, Construction cost estimator, etc. Find price & rates for anything and everything helps you to find the latest or current rates of Gold, Silver prices, Vegetables fruit prices, Construction material cost, Meat prices. labour charges for plumber, Carpenter, house Cleaning charges, maid wages / salary, scrap rates and Exchange prices of used items in home. Following broad categories of the items listed to know the price or rates at any location.

1. Gold and Silver Rates

  • Now you can find the Gold rates / price, Silver price, Diamond Price, Platinum rates, Gem stone prices for each city / town.

2. Market price of Vegetables, fruits, Meat and grocery items.

  • You can find the today's market price of any vegetables and fruits in your city. Vegetables and fruits Market prices are updated everyday and tend to change between market to market across states and towns.
  • Find the Meat and egg prices every day across all towns in the states.
  • helps you to find the price of grocery items in your near locality.

3.Calculte Exchange / resale price of the house hold items

  • Resale / exchange price for TV
  • Calculate the exchange or resale price of mobile / cellphone, Laptop, Desktop CPU, CRT / LCED / LED monitor exchange price
  • Find the exchange or resale price Washing machine
  • What's the exchange or resale price Furniture
  • Exchange or resale price Mixi, Mixer grinder, Oven
  • Calculate the exchange / resale price Refrigerator

4.Construction material cost across all states and cities

  • Find the construction material cost like sand, brick, jalli, hard stone,hollow brick, etc
  • Find the Cement daily price bradwise

5. Calculae the scrap value of the unused items

  • What's the value of Industry generated material and packing wastages /scrap
  • Whats the value of the House generated Scrap value

6. Workers wages

  • Find the labour charges and house hold repair works like carpenter, plumber, electrician, cleaning
  • Salary for the house maid across all cities and countries
  • Labour rate / charges for companies / industries in any city